Ripplex is based on 3 Technological Principles

(1) Invisibility

At Ripplex, our continuing concern is: “how can we create a system that does not touch user’s information?” The answer is: complete invisibility. In this vein, our goal is to provide a new experience for our users and a useful platform for Web service providers. However, “invisibility” and “good-quality service” can, at times, be conflicting demands indeed. We at Ripplex see “invisibility” and “providing good-quality service” as mutually compatible and continue to face the challenge of providing both.

(2) Platform-centered

Unlike a lot of other Internet firms, we do not aim to box-in our users by focusing on developing various private company services. Instead, Ripplex works behind the scenes by interacting and collaborating with other partner firms using the SecuTect platform, making our services more convenient and user-friendly. A platform like this lends itself to making everything livelier.

(3) Modular

SecuTect, offered by Ripplex, provides an API combining various modular services into a unified structure. This is the source of SecuTect’s expandability and flexibility. Designing and implementing a modular platform/API is far tougher than putting in place a single unified service with identical features, but we at Ripplex continue to improve our technology because we feel that we can pull it off