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Barriers blocking co-operation with other online services

For any Internet service, users’ private information and the “social graph” of social information between users is a crucial asset. As such, this information is never shared with other Internet services. This is the main reason why co-operation with some other online services may be blocked.

“SecuTect” – providing benefits to both users and online service providers

The private information platform system “SecuTect” plays the role of a connecting bridge when multiple online services co-operate.

When this does occur, each online service provider is not required to provide users’ private or social information to the other online service provider(s). Additionally, Ripplex (which uses “SecuTect”) also never deals with users’ private or social information.

“SecuTect” not only provides convenience to users by allowing multiple online services to co-operate safely, but it also provides an improvement in value-added capability to online service providers, by allowing them to co-operate with other services.